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VitaCup (Infused Coffee & Tea)


VitaCup- Sell Sheet (All Products).pdf

10620 Treena Street suite 250 San Diego, CA 92131 
Contact: Josh Seligman 
Phone: 206-462-2887 
Fax: 206-624-8826 
Email: josh@athenaintl.com 
Web: https://www.vitacup.com 
Company Profile 
  • VitaCup infuses gourmet coffees and teas with vitamins and superfoods to power your mind and body, so you can do more of what makes you happy.  We believe that making healthy choices should be easy because one healthy choice can change your whole day.  That's why we are committed to creating delicious coffees and teas to take your daily ritual to the next level. 
Products to Offer:  Please see attached 
Products of Origin 
  • San Diego, CA 
Target Korean Buyers 
  •  RTD Beverages Importers & Distributors, Healthy Living/Lifestyle Importers & Distributors, Sports Nutrition Importers & Distributors, Mass-Market Retailers/Grocery Stores, etc.

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