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About ATO

What We Do

  • Issue public reports on the agriculture and food market in Korea
  • Assist U.S. businesses export food and agricultural products to Korea
  • Provide importer lists and market information to U.S. exporters
  • Supply Korean importers with lists of U.S. suppliers
  • Solicit Trade Leads from Korean buyers and share them with U.S. exporters
  • Disseminate Buyer Alerts to Korean importers
  • Provide guidance on resolving customs clearance issues
  • Sponsor and support trade shows
  • Publish Korean language newsletters to showcase U.S. products for Korea's food industry

ATO Staff

  • Ms. Lisa Allen


  • Ms.Sun Young YOO

    Sr. Marketing Specialist

  • Ms. Hye Rim CHUN

    Marketing Specialist

  • Ms. Joohyun LEE

    Marketing Specialist

  • Ms. Sun Sook KIM

    Resource Coordinator

  • Ms. Jhee Hyun KWON

    Financial Assistant

  • Mr. Seyoung CHUN

    Marketing Clerk & Messenger

Map to the ATO

Official Holidays - 2024

(A) Denotes American Holiday    |    (K) Denotes Korean Holiday

Agricultural Trade Office, U.S. Embassy - Seoul
Tel: 82-2-6951-6848 Fax: 82-2-720-7921
Email: atoseoul@state.gov