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  • American Food Pavillion @Gwangju International Food Fair 2017, November 23-26

    ATO Seoul partnered with three USDA cooperators and three independent import distributors to organize an 'American Food Pavilion' at the Gwangju International Food Fair (GIFF) 2017. GIFF is one of the leading annual food events in Jeollanamdo province that plays an important role in developing new businesses and consumption trends in local food markets. GIFF 2017 presented 240 exhibitors from 20 countries. Over the four days of exhibition, over 10,000 local consumers and food industry professionals visited the show. The American Food Pavilion exhibited a wide diversity of American products including California prunes, dehydrated potato flour, dried cranberries, craft beer, cream cheese, organic wheat flour, and hot sauces. The activity allowed the participating cooperators and import distributors to promote the quality, value and diversity of American products to local consumers. In addition, the three participating import distributors generated $90,000 of potential sales to the regional market as a result.

  • Busan International Seafood & Fisheries Expo 2017, November 8~10

    The U.S. Seafood Pavilion in the Busan International Seafood & Fisheries Expo 2017, Nov. 8 - 10 managed by ATO Seoul developed over 20 serious trade leads from Korean seafood importers of various U.S. fishery products. ATO Seoul exhibited various U.S. seafood publications of USDA cooperators and state regional trade groups and provided information on U.S. seafood suppliers and on U.S. food products in general for Korean buyers. Business meetings with local importers held in the USA pavilion exhibit space and American food brochures and other materials distributed in the ATO information counter were recognized by visitors as key events for developing business relationships between the two countries. The United States exported more than $227 million of seafood products to Korea in 2016, and this year’s sales as of the third quarter are keeping with last year’s pace. For more information on the Korean seafood market please read ATO Seoul Seafood Products Annual Report September 2017.

  • Great American Culinary Camp Seoul 2017, September 14, Millennium Hilton Hotel

    The Great American Culinary Camp Seoul 2017, co-hosted by ATO Seoul and the Korean Alumni Association of the Culinary Institute of America (KCIA) on September 14 at the Millennium Hilton Hotel Seoul, successfully promoted the value, quality and diversity of American agricultural products to key decision makers of the Korean foodservice industry. A project team of five talented young chefs under KCIA presented an insightful presentation about American restaurant industry trends as well as 16 inspiring recipe ideas that incorporated various American agricultural products donated by 9 U.S. non-profit agricultural trade associations (ABC, CWC, CMC, RAC, Sunkist, USMEF, USDEC, USHBC, USPGC) and 3 Korean suppliers of U.S. products (Global Craft, Joon Trading International, ATL Korea). In addition, the partner organizations and suppliers presented a tabletop product showcase at the event and gained face-to-face contacts with the 170 attendees. An electronic copy of the Culinary Camp Recipe Book containing details of the recipes and products published for the event was made available on the ATO Seoul website (www.atoseoul.com) along with cooking videos of the five recipes served at the event for on-line dissemination. An evaluation survey of the activity confirmed that the attendees gained better understanding and positive purchase intentions on American products as a result..

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