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  • Korean Pet Food Buyer Delegation to 2019 Global Pet Expo, Orlando, FL, March 19-22

    ATO Seoul organized a delegation of Korean pet food buyers to the Global Pet Expo 2019 held in Orlando, Florida. The delegation included twelve buyers from five retailers and trading companies. Global Pet Expo, hosted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA), is one of pet industry’s largest trade shows introducing new and innovative pet products on the market. Through the trade show, Korean buyers were able to improve their understanding on US pet food brands, products, high standards, and build relationship with industry stakeholders. Moreover, though retail market tours arranged by ATO, buyers were able to enhance their understanding on consumer trends in pet food. As a result of this buying mission, the participants successfully conducted 176 business meetings with American pet food suppliers and estimated around $2.8 million in sales within the next 12 months.

  • Great American Craft Beer Showcase Seoul @ Korea Int’l Beer Expo (KIBEX) 2019

    In partnership with the Brewers Association (BA), ATO Seoul presented the ‘Great American Craft Beer Showcase’ booth at the Korea International Beer Expo 2019. A total of 36 American craft breweries exhibited in the booth, including 6 new-to-market breweries, offering an opportunity for the Korean craft beer trade and opinion leaders to experience the quality, value, and diversity of premium beer that the American craft beer industry has to offer. During three days of exhibition, over 2,000 target audience visited the booth. Additionally, the ‘Great American Craft Beer Seminar’ that BA presented during the show provided 45 Korean beer industry professionals with up-to-date information about American craft beer industry. Evaluation survey right after the show indicated that the activity generated over 200 serious contacts with target Korean buyers and would bring $250,000 of new sales to the breweries that are already shipping to Korea within the next 12 months. In addition, two of the new-to-market breweries reportedly identified Korean import distribution partners during the show, which is likely to generate $40,000 of launching sales in 2019.

  • Korean Processed Organic Food Buyers Delegation to Natural Product Expo West 2019

    ATO Seoul brought a delegation of twenty Korean processed organic food buyers to the Natural Product Expo West (NPEW) 2019, March 7-10. The delegation was composed of buyers from large-scale retailers and independent import distributors. Three of the buyers traveled under the sponsorship of the Organic Trade Association and another six buyers traveled on their own expenses. The activity allowed the buyers to generate face-to-face contacts with a large number of American suppliers on the show floor. In addition, educational fieldtrips to local organic grocery stores and premium retail food outlets organized by ATO Seoul during the trip expanded the buyers’ understanding of the organic food supply chain and on-going product trends in the United States. A follow-up survey right after the trip revealed that the activity generated $2,200,000 of on-site purchase agreements and an additional $1,520,000 of potential purchases of American products within the next 12 months.

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