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Sconza Candy Company (Sconza Chocolates)


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Sconza Candy Company

One Sconza Candy Lane, Oakdale, Californian 95361

Contact: Sharon Duncan, International Business Development

Phone: 650-796-6800

Fax: 209-845-3737

Email: sduncan@sconza.com



Company Profile:

  • Family owned and operated by the Sconza family.  Was founded in the United States of America in 1939
  • Panned chocolates and candy including milk and dark chocolate fruits and nuts, yogurt confections, butter toffee nuts and Jordan almonds
  • National distribution in the U.S. through mass market, grocery, and specialty confectionery retailers; no international distribution yet


Product/Business to Offer:

  • Sconza Chocolates
  • Zippered pouch bags in two sizes, ie., 128-142g and 80g; 8 assorted flavors, i.e., Lemoncello Almonds, Chocolate Mint Cookie Bites, Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts with Sea Salt, Chocolate Coconut Cashews, Milk Chocolate Cherries, Jordan Almonds, Pumpkin Spice Almonds, Chocolate Fruit Basket
  • 128g-142g bags FOB Oakland, CA US$2.00; 80g bags FOB Oakland, CA US$1.08
  • Please attach a photo (or brochure) of the product to this form to help the target buyers better understand the product.


Any Preference for Korean Buyers or Business Partners:

  • Looking for distributors to handle online retailers as well as department store and grocery stores
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