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Jaco Commodities LLC (Grains/Pulses)


Jaco Commodities LLC

4695 US 75 AVE. Maurice, IA 51036

Contact: Gordy Kribs, Ag Products Trader

Phone: 712-395-3060

Email: gordy@jacocommodities.com

Web: www.jacocommodities.com


Company Profile

 I have over 50 years experience trading Grains & Pulses domestically and abroad starting in 1974 with North Pacific Trading co. 


Products to Offer:  Conventional, Organic & non-GMO All the PULSES Canadian Peas, Austrian Winter Peas, Maple Peas, red & green Lentils, Dry Beans, Common Vetch, Red & White Millet, Red & White milo, Flint Corn, Whole Wheat, Nyjer seed, Golden and brown Flax, Raisins, Peanut pick outs, Whole Buckwheat, Oil & Black Stripe sunflowers, Fine, Medium, Coarse Chips and Whole Kernals, Canola/Rape Seed, Hemp, Peanuts & Pick-outs , Popcorn, Safflower, whole barley, Pearled Barley, Whole oat groats, Corn screenings, Canola meal, Soybeans, Soybean Meal, Soyhulls , AND Chickpeas.


Product Origin:  Most product is grown in the central USA. Montana, North & South Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas.


Target Korean Buyers:  Over the years most of the loads went to Korean Bean Paste producers

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