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Trinity Foods, Inc. (Dairy products/Snack)


Hester Sales Sheet - English.pdf

Trinity Foods, Inc.

16935 West Bernardo Drive, Suite 170, San Diego, CA 92127

Contact: Shawn Hester, President & CEO

Phone: 760-809-8618

Email: shawnhester@trinityfoodsusa.com

Web: www.trinityfoodsusa.com


Company Profile: 

We have previous experience in South Korea with coffee, beer. We have also worked with Lotte Confectionary and Samyang Bakery in years past. We currently export to countries Asia, Europe, and Latin America. 


Products to Offer:  Baked Kabocha Snack Crackers (Hoba in Korean), Lactose Free Whey Milk (Powder & UHT in both milk and chocolate) - Retail drinking milk product with similar benefits as goat milk. 


Product Origin: Produced in Ohio and Kabocha Squash grown in Oregon. Lactose free whey milk is produced in Wisconsin and packaged in Utah.


Target Korean Buyers:  Retail importers/distributors that distribute to supermarket chains, convenience stores, and e-commerce.

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