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Rebellyous Foods/AMI (Plant-based Chicken Alternatives)


Rebellyous Foods Sales Deck (Summary).pdf

Rebellyous Foods (AMI) 

4412 California Ave SW Suite 16173 Seattle, WA. 98116

Contact: David Deslauriers / International Sales Manager

Phone: 206-651-0881

Email: david@athenaintl.com

Web: www.rebellyous.com

Company Profile: 

Rebellyous Foods was founded by an aerospace engineer with a passion for sustainable protein options and production efficiencies. Rebellyous offers plant-based chicken alternatives juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside at more affordable price points to our competitors through our production methods. 


Products to Offer:  

·   Plant-based nuggets, tenders, patties ( chicken alternatives)

·   Better chicken taste, texture, and performance. 100% plant-based. Vegan, dairy free, Non-GMO. 

·   Price points targeting more mass market “flexitarian” consumers that are curious about trying plant-based products. 


Product Origin: USA


Target Korean Buyers:  Distributors or retailers with knowledge of plant-based protein (meat alternatives) or meat


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