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MOCAFE (Premium powdered coffee and beverage)


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9600 Research Dr. Irvine, CA 92618

Contact: Natalia Giefer

Phone: 206-817-6179

Email: natalia@athenaintl.com

Web: https://mocafeusa.com/

Company Profile: 

Based in California, MOCAFE has been a leader in developing over 100 high quality, innovative café and retail products that have been served worldwide since 1996. Packaged in both foodservice and retail configurations, our multi-award powdered beverage product line includes ice blended frappes, organic frappes, matcha green tea, chai teas, fruit smoothie bases, tea lattes, Mexican cocoas, and horchata. MOCAFEs expertly crafted beverage mixes are blended with premium ingredients such as Colombian coffee, African Forestero cocoa, Tahitian vanilla, and organic Dominican mocha. MOCAFE also offers a line of protein rich, non-GMO, and certified Gluten Free premium oatmeal called Modern Oats. Our oatmeal comes in a 75gr cup making it convenient for the health conscious, the on-the-go consumer. 


Products to Offer:  

MOCAFE offers premium powdered coffee and beverage products. We have a variety of packaging capabilities for Foodservice and retail. The product lines include: Ice blended frappes, matcha green teas, premium tea lattes, smoothie mixes, cocoas and many more. MOCAFE has won multiple awards since 1996. 


Product Origin: United State


Target Korean Buyers:  Coffee shop chains, cafes, bakeries, restaurants, hotels, foodservice - HORECA


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