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J.R. Kelly Company (Horseradish Roots)


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J.R. Kelly Company

703 South Bluff Rd. Collinsville, IL 62234 

Contact: Matthew McMillin/Business Development

Phone: (618)344-2910

Fax: (618) 344-2297

Email: matt@jrkelly.com

Web:  www.jrkelly.com


Company Profile

J.R. Kelly Company is located in the heart of horseradish country in Collinsville, Illinois, USA. The fertile soil here creates the ideal environment for the production of high quality horseradish. We market several million pounds of horseradish roots a year, making us one of largest suppliers of horseradish roots in the United States. Not only do we supply horseradish roots domestically but we have the ability to ship internationally as well. As a leader in the horseradish industry, J.R. Kelly is constantly searching for new avenues to expand its growing market. Please browse through our website (www.jrkelly.com) and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. 


Products to Offer

J.R. Kelly offers five different grades of horseradish roots; from fresh produce grades to other grades perfect for all types of horseradish processing including medical use. Our state-of-the-art cooler warehouses allow us to store and ship all our fresh horseradish roots all year round. 

Product Origin:  Illinois & Missouri, USA


Target Korean Buyers  

The most appropriate target for our product are food processors who have experience in processing raw horseradish root. Targets would likely be in condiment/sauce, powder, or wasabi sectors of the market.


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