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Nature’s SunGrown Foods, Inc. (Plant-Based Patties)



Nature’s SunGrown Foods, Inc.

899 Northgate Dr., Suite 405, San Rafael, CA 94901

Contact:  ​Hal Shenson

Phone: ​415-491-4944

Email: ​sales@naturessungrown.com

Web: ​www.naturessungrown.com

Company Profile

Long Time exporter of Food and Beverages to East Asia.  Main products currently exported to Korea include: Processed Meats, Berkshire Pork, Cheese, Cream Cheese, Ice Cream and Organic Grocery

Products to Offer

Before the Butcher, Plant Based Burgers for both foodservice and retail.  The burgers are made from Non-GMO soy protein and contain no animal products.  There are Burger, Chicken Burger and Sausage flavored patties. 

Product Origin

The products are made in a state of the art production plant in Southern California

Target Korean BuyersFrozen food importers


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Agricultural Trade Office, U.S. Embassy - Seoul
Tel: 82-2-6951-6848 Fax: 82-2-720-7921
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