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Ready Seafood (Lobster)


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Ready Seafood  
1016 Portland Road, SACO, ME 04072  
Contact: Daeun Kim, International Sales Executive  
Phone: 207-352-5565
Fax: 207-772-1555 
Email: dkim@readyseafood.com  
Web: https://www.readyseafood.com 
Company Profile 
  • Founders John and Brendan Ready grew up as working lobstermen on the Maine coast; as a company, we remain committed to sustaining the lobster fishing industry and preserving its resources through industry stewardship and research conducted by our on-staff marine biologist.  All of our products begin with live lobster caught by independent harvesters in the cold clean waters of Maine and Canada.  Our direct-from-the-boat supply chain, proprietary handling techniques, cutting edge facilities and efficient shipping options mean our customers always receive the very freshest, highest quality lobster.  We want every Ready Seafood lobster product to taste like we just pulled it from the water, and cooked it for you in our own kitchen.  Please see attached.
  • Ready Seafood supplies live and processed lobster products from the coast of Maine to retail, wholesale, and food service companies worldwide.
  • We are exporting our live lobsters into Korea every week.  However, we are still working on opening out processed lobster market in Korea.  
Product/Business to Offer 
  • Live Lobster
    - Specification: 1.00-1.25LB, 1.25-1.50LB, 1.50-1.75LB, 1.75-2.00LB, 2.00-2.50LB, 2.50-3.00LB, 3.00-4.00LB, 4.00-6.00LB, 6.00-10.00LB, 10+LB    
    - Profile:  Ready Lobster is sustainably caught by independent harvesters in the pristine waters of Maine and Canada.  Our two-thank one-touch system ensures that each lobster is only handled once so that they arrive fresh and lively, with their tails flipping and claws snapping. 

  • Frozen Lobster Tail
    - Specification: 3-4OZ, 4-5OZ, 5-6OZ, 6-7OZ, 7-8OZ, 8-10OZ, 10-12OZ, 12-14OZ, 14-16OZ , 16-20OZ, 20-24OZ, 24-28OZ, 28-32OZ 
    - Profile:  Our Frozen Lobster Tails are sustainably-harvested in the cold waters of the North Atlantic, and flash-frozen soon after, to retain the highest protein levels, and most consistent flavor, year-round. 

  • Coldcracked Frozen Row Lobster Meat
    - Specification: Claw and knuckle meat packed in 8OZ, 16OZ, and 32OZ 
    - Profile: Cold Cracked i Ready Seafood's proprietary Frozen Raw Lobster meat.  Utilizing HPP (High Pressure Processing) technology, we are proud to offer the absolute finest lobster product available on the market.  Eliminating the hassle of removing meat from the shell, Cold Cracked allows the end user to gain full potential on taste and texture - an impossible feat when using pre-cooked meat. 
  • Country of Origin:  USA 
  • Suggested Export Price:  Market Prices
Any Preference For Korean Buyers or Business Partners 
  • We would like to connect any possible potential buyers who are in food industry but especially who cook lobster regularly (ex, chefs)  
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Agricultural Trade Office, U.S. Embassy - Seoul
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