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South Seas Distribution: Parent company Fairn & Swanson Inc. (Wine, Beer, Whiskey, Juice)


South Seas Distribution (Parent company Fairn & Swanson Inc) 
400 Lancaster Street, Oakland CA 94601 
Contact: Brett Roberts, Director of Sales 
Phone: 510-533-8240 Ext. 154 
Fax: 510-436-4510 
Email: Brettr@fairn.com 
Web: www.fairn.com 
Company Profile 
  • South Seas Distribution is an export wholesale company located in Oakland California of beverage products.  Beer, wine, soft drinks, juices and spirit items such as bourbon. 
Products to Offer 
  • Wines from California and Washington state 
  • Craft beer from California, Oregon and Washington state
  • Bourbon and whiskeys from Kentucky and Tennessee
  • Soft drink and juice items from California 
Product Origin 
  • Products originate from California, Oregon, Washington, Kentucky and Tennessee.  All exported from our Oakland warehouse. 

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