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Mantrose-Haeuser (Food Ingredients)


Mantrose confectionery coatings sell sheet(1).pdf
Contact: Joseph Leung / Asia Regional Manager 
Phone: 852-9730-9728 
Email: joseph.leung@mantros.com 
Web: www.mantrose.com 
Company Profile
  • Mantrose-Haeuser is a leading coating ingredient manufacturer based in US.  Mantrose focuses on develop edible coatings and specialty ingredients for pharmaceutical, confectionery, food and industrial industries.  Mantrose is a subsidiary of RPM international Inc.  www.rpminc.com, a 5 billion dollars specialty coating company traded on the New York Stock Exchange.
Products to Offer 
  • Confectionery glazes and polishes provide brilliant gloss, scuff resistance, and anti-sticking properties while enhancing the appearance and functionality of the fished product.  Brochure attached.
Product Origin
  • SQF Level 3: Comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Management System 
Target Korean Buyers 
  • Through local distributor sell to candy manufacturers 
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