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Pacific Seafood (Seafood)


Pacific Seafood Group Operations Map.pdf
Pacific Seafood    
16797 SE 130th Ave., Clackamas, Oregon 97015   
Contact: Larz Malony   
Phone:  503-905-4500 (Headquarter) / 503-905-4548 (Direct)   
Fax: 503-905-2472   
Email: lmalony@pacseafood.com   
Web: www.pacseafood.com   
Company Profile   
  • Established 1941, Family owned 
  • Vertically Integrated Seafood Group: Primary Processor owning plants in Alaska, Western Canada, Washington, Oregon, California and Texas.  Export, Domestic Distributor 
  • Distribution across North America 
Product/Business to Offer   
  • Product Name: Black Cod / Sablefish (Anopoploma fimbria) 
  • MSC Certified 
  • Product Specification/profile: Whole Round Frozen.  Approx Size Range:  900 - 15,00 grams 
  • Country of Origin:  USA 
  • Suggested Export Price: US$1.50/lb ($3.30/kg) 
  • Please attach a photo (or brochure) of the product to this form to help the target buyers better understand the product and your business



 Any Preference for Korean Buyers or Business Partners:   
  • Would like to work with any good quality Korean company  
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