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Astronaut Foods “Ice Cream On A Mission”


Astronaut Foods Buyer''s Guide 2019.pdf
 Astronaut Foods “Ice Cream On A Mission”
 71Gyesansae-Ro, Gyeyang-Gu, Incheon 21060
 Contact: DominicNahas (Local point of contact in Korea)
 Phone: 032-262-4435/ 010-5397-4435
 Email: moves@sokomoves.com
 Web: http://astronautfoods.com


Company Profile
  • Established in 1974
  • Food and Snack Industry 
  • Distributed in the US and exported to Europe and Asia 
 Product/Business to Offer
  • Product Names: 
     -Freeze-DriedNeopolitan Ice Cream Sandwich
     -Freeze-DriedVanilla Ice Cream Sandwich
     -Freeze-DriedFruit Snack Packs: Strawberries, Bananas, Peaches, Red Seedless Grapes & Sinnamon Apples     
  • Product Specification/profile: AstronautFoods manufactured the “original freeze-dried ice cream for space missions” andit is an iconic American snack popular with kids yet suitable for all ages. Itis sold globally and can be commonly found at amusement parks, museums, toy shopsand beyond. The products have a 3 year shelf-life and refrigeration storage isnot required.
  • Country of Origin: USA   
  • Suggested Export Price: Please Contact Representative



 Any Preference for Korean Buyers or Business Partners
  • Seekingimport companies in Korea with well-established distribution networks that can introduceand build the recognition of the Astronaut Foods Brand for the Korean market. 
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