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Arctic Zero (Arctic Zero Frozen Desserts)


Arctic Zero

4241 Jutland Drive, Suite 305, San Diego, CA 92117

Contact: John Molinaro, Director of International Sales

Phone: 941-447-3517

Email: Johnmolinaro@arcticzero.com

Website : https://www.arcticzero.com


Company Profile:

  • Greg Holtman, founded ARCTICAERO in 2009 in San diego where he was born.  His mother was a Type-1 diabetic, and growing up he vividly remembers her struggling to find any dessert option (especially ice cream which was his family's favorite) that she could enjoy.  Everything on the market was either loaded with artificial ingredients or was lacking in flavor.  He wanted to create something that truly tasted delicious, but that all people could enjoy without guilt - whether they had diabetes, gluten or lactose intolerance, or simply wanted a healthier desert to support their weight loss or fitness goals.  After years of searching the planet for the right ingredients, he found the perfect way to bring his functional Fit Frozen Dessert to the masses through ready-to-eat pints, and ARCTICZERO was born.
  • ARCTICZERO Fit Frozen Desserts fulfill several growing consumer demands, including weight management, lactose-free, diabetic friendly, gluten-free and GMO free.  Due to the inherent high sugar and fat content of traditional ice creams, may consumers have had to avoid the category or purchase "light" options; however, ARCTICZERO offers a unique product that satisfies the craving for a frozen dessert in a healthier way - without the guilt.  The market size for consumers seeking an option like ARCTICZERO is estimated at approximately 363 million people.
  • ARCTICZERO has achieved distribution in approximately 16,00 retailers nationwide, including mid-to large-size domestic military commissaries, household penetration equates to just less than 1% of U.S. households meaning there is still a huge opportunity for growth-90% of U.S consumers report purchasing ice cream in the past year (Mintel).

Business/product portfolio:

  • Product Name: Artic Zero
  • Product Specification/profile: Case Pack: 8Pints/Case, Individual Unite Size: 16oz, Dimensions (LxWxH): 4x4x4, Case Cube(ft): 0.315, Case Weight(lbs.): 5.5lb, Pallet Config(TxH): 15x15, Total Pallet Height(in): 64in, Case per Pallet: 225, Individual Packs/Pallet: 1800, SRPs:$4.99 USD, Shelf Life: 18 months, Required Temperature: (-10 Fahrenheit)

Any Preference for Korean Buyers of Business Partners:

  • We would prefer distributing our products into a natural or specialty distributor that services "good for you/healthy" products.  We prefer distributing our products with Korea ice cream distributors.
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