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Ancestry Pet Food (Pet Food)



Ancestry Pet Food

P.O. Box 5483, Charlottesville, VA 22905

Contact: Barclay S. Bright, CEO

Phone: 434-466-1082

Email: Barclay@ancestrypetfood.com



Company Profile:

  • Established 2002, privately owned by CEO and group of investors
  • Super Premium dog/cat day kibble pet food. Dog & Cat Treats
  • USA (Maine to Florida). Puerto Rico

Business/product portfolio:

  • Product Name: Ancestry
  • Product Specification/profile: 6 Dog Formulas (list on website), 1 Cat formula (listed on website). 5 Grain-free, 2 with grain in.
  • Suggested Export Price: Per pallet/Truckload prices vary and available upon request. 3 sizes for each formula (5. 15, 30 lbs)
  • Please attach a photo (or brochure) of the product to this form to help the target buyers better understand the product. 

Any Prefernce for Korean Buyers or Business Partners

  • List any preference for the Korean buyer that you intend to develop business relationship with, such as distribution channel coverage or experience with the target product.
  • Seeking distribution partner in S. Korea.  Open to discussing exclusivity agreement with volume requirements
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