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Northern Fruit Company (Fresh Cherries)


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Northern Fruit Company 

220 NE 2nd Street, East Wenatchee, WA 98802 

Contact:  Carlos A Venlarde Sr / Export Sales Manager

Phone: 509-884-3575

Email: carlosv@northernfruit.com

Web: www.northernfruit.com   


Company Profile

Northern Fruit Company is a grower & packer of Fresh Cherries & Apples in Wenatchee, Washington since 1928. Nordic Brand is the most prestigious brand of Apples & Cherries in Asia. We currently export 70% of our apples & cherries into Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China & Taiwan. Nordic Brand is iconic with Consistent High Quality famous in Asia & Latin America.


Products to Offer: Fresh Cherries - Dark Sweet and Rainier - Systems Approach 

Product Origin:  Washington


Target Korean Buyers:  Wholesalers and Retailers

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