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Buyer Alert

Pacific Tradeworks (Salal)


Pacific Tradeworks

PO Box 1201, Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Contact: Mike Figliola

Phone: 253-227-2804

Email: mike@pacifictradeworks.com



Company Profile:

  • Started in 2006, owner has been in the floral industry 30 years
  • Direct source for cut floral greens.  Main crop(s) - Salal, Beargrass, and Christmas evergreens
  • Currently selling in the US, Europe and Japan

Product/Business to Offer:

  • Salal (Gaultheria Shalon)
  • Negotiable, this week at $34.00 (add freight and clearing) a case of 25 bunches of Salal tips

Any Prefernce for Korean Buyers or Business Partners:

  • Possible exclusive to a large buyer.  Who can take ocean container of salal













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