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August 15 - 20, 2021


FAS/Seoul Monitoring of Media Reporting on Agricultural Issues

Today's Date: Friday, August 20, 2021

For Coverage: August  15 ~ 20, 2021

Ex-farm Raw Milk Price Increases 2.3%

Summary: Ex-farm raw milk price will increase 2.3 percent this week to 947 won ($0.82 USD) per liter.  The increase is based on a price adjustment system that local dairy farms and processors have adopted since 2013 under supervision of the Korean government.  Marketers said that the increase in the price of raw milk will have a domino impact in the market, raising consumer prices of processed dairy products in the retail store. 


MAFRA to Reduce Mandatory Depopulation in Poultry Farms when Avian Influenza Outbreaks Occur

Summary: The Korea Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) reported on August 19 that it will implement some changes to its 'mandatory depopulation rules for poultry farms experiencing avian influenza outbreaks' from this year.  So far, all poultry farms within a 3 kilometer radius from an avian influenza outbreak were ordered to eliminate all birds without exceptions.  The new rule will allow poultry farms who are registered with MAFRA's 'Disease Control Capacity Certification' system to opt for limited depopulation measures.  For example, top level capacity farms will be allowed to opt for no depopulation if they are located farther than 500 meters from the avian influenza outbreak point.  MAFRA said that most of large-scale poultry farms in the country have already registered with the system.  MAFRA added that the new rule will help maintain stable poultry meat and egg prices during avian influenza outbreaks.


SPC Samlip Launches Plant-based Egg ‘Eat Just’ in South Korea

Summary: ‘Just Egg’, based in San Francisco, entered Korea through SPC Samlip.  ‘Just Egg’ is a plant-based alternative that uses less water and produces less carbon than normal eggs.  The product has the same amount of protein as normal eggs but has the advantage of no cholesterol.  Two types of products (square omelet and liquid ‘Just Egg’) will be distributed in Korea.  It will gradually expand supply utilizing SPC’s food manufacturing technology.


EMART Launches 'Chuseok' Gift Set Offers ... More Premium Food Products This Year

Summary: EMART, the leading hypermarket grocery store chain in South Korea, reported on August 18 that it started to offer gift sets for Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving).  Chuseok falls on September 20-22 this year.  EMART said that it is offering more premium gift sets above 100,000 won (about $90) this year.  Key gift sets will include various agricultural products, such as Hanwoo beef, fruits, and fish.  EMART added that its gift set sales will likely grow this year as more consumers will opt for sending gifts instead of making in-person visits to their family members and friends during the holiday due to elevated COVID-19 social distancing requirements.



Daesang Co. to Invest in 'Lab-Cultivated Meat' Business … Aims to Launch Commercially by 2025
Summary: Daesang Co., a leading food processor in South Korea, announced on August 18 that it launched a new business unit that will be dedicated to develop 'lab-cultivated meat' products.  Daesang said that it will make a sizable investment in the new business, establishing cultivation and processing facilities under the goal of launching commercial products by 2025.

Korea Expects to Export NaJu Pears to the United States
Summary: According to AT, NaJu pears will be exported to the United States for the first time.  Korea will do its best to ensure that Korean Pears establish a reputation as a premium fruit in the United States by thoroughly managing their quality in accordance with export standards.

Samyang Foods ‘Fire Chicken Fried Noodles’ Writes Success Stories in the U.S. beyond Southeast Asia
Summary: ‘Buldak Fried Noodles’, released in 2012, has established itself as a global hit product with the fire noodle challenge.  It has continued to grow, with cumulative sales exceeding 3 billion in 2021.  The growth is noticeable in overseas markets.  Exports, which only amounted to 10 billion won in 2015, surpassed 300 billion won in 2020.  Sales are also steadily rising in China and Southeast Asia, but the U.S. was selected for the next new market.  Samyang Foods established Samyang America to strengthen its position in the U.S. market.

Increased Convenience Store Sales of Food and Daily Necessities As Social Distancing Continues\
Summary: Convenience stores are recognized as convenient shopping destinations as social distancing continues.  An increasing number of customers are purchasing food and daily necessities at nearby convenience stores instead of supermarkets.  According to E-Mart 24, sales of meal kits and home meal replacements increased last month compared to last year.  Also, sales of daily necessity items such as body and hair care products have increased.

Food Industries Focusing on Health also Aiming for Global Markets
Summary: Products with fewer calories and increased nutritional value have emerged since the coronavirus outbreak as people around the world are concerned more about health.  Korean foods are forming a healthy image overseas.  Pulmuone is growing rapidly since Tofu products are attracting attention as a protein to replace meat in the United States.  Due to the K-food craze, more companies are entering overseas markets and they are doing so with a healthy image.

SPC Samlip Launches U.S Greek Yogurt ’Chobani’ in South Korea
Summary: ‘Chobani’, the No.1 brand in the U.S. Greek yogurt market, will enter Korea through SPC Samlip.  SPC will start selling Chobani through Hyundai Department Store’s pop-up stores and Market Curly.  They will gradually expand sales to stores affiliated with the SPC Group.

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