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March 29 - April 1, 2021


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Today's Date: Monday, April 5, 2021

For Coverage: March  29 ~  April 1, 2021

CJ Cheil Jedang Expands Sustainability Investment by Applying Biodegradable Packaging
Summary: A leading food processor CJ is starting to use biodegradable packaging for its 10 types of tofu.  The packaging is made of PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanoate) and PLA (Poly Lactic Acid); the slogan ‘Sustainable Packaging’ is printed on these commodities.  CJ is planning to build PHA production facilities overseas as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.

Korean Government to Strengthen Pest Inspections on Imported Cut Flowers and Greeneries in April

Summary: The Quarantine Inspection Agency (QIA) under the Korean government announced that it will carry out tight inspections on imported cut flowers and greeneries in April for potential pest risks.  QIA explained that Korean imports of cut flowers and greeneries will surge in April as marketers prepare for the peak season in May.  There are important local holidays falling in May, especially Parents' Day (May 8) and Teachers Day (May 15), that generate strong demand for flower gifts.


Seven Eleven Korea Expands Environment-Friendly Packaging

Summary: Seven Eleven Korea reported that its fresh salad boxes were recently replaced with 'bio-plastic' packaging.  Seven Eleven Korea said that the 'bio-plastic' is made partly from sugar cane ingredients.


E-mart Collaborates with the Oldest Bakery in Seoul ‘Tae Geuk Dang’

Summary: The Ministry of SMEs and Startups designated local corporations including E-mart to collaborate with small businesses to expand their market.  As part of this initiative, E-mart launched new cakes with the oldest bakery in Seoul ‘Tae Geuk Dang.’  The cakes will start to sell on March 31 at E-mart stores nationwide.  The ministry announced that they will continue to try to help traditional markets, small businesses, and other corporations succeed.


On-line Retailers to Expand Live-Commerce Business

Summary: Leading Korean on-line retailers are making efforts to expand live-commerce business.  Naver achieved 100 million views in its live-commerce platform, 'Naver Shopping Live', since launching in the second half last year.  Coupang launched 'Coupang Live' early this year that lets independent retailers run live commerce channels.  Coupang Live, currently limited to beauty products, plans to offer more product categories later this year.  TMON and 11 Street also plan to expand live-commerce with additional product categories.  According to a local stock market report, the live-commerce market in Korea generated $2.7 billion in sales in 2020.



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