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Butterball Turkey (Turkey Products, Frozen Whole and Processed Meat)



Nature's SunGrown Foods, Inc.   
899 Northgate Dr. Ste 405, San Rafael, CA 94901 
Contact: Hal Shenson, President 
Phone: 415-491-4944 
Email: Sales@naturessungrown.com 
Web: www.naturessungrown.com 
Company Profile 
  • History & ownership:  20 years in existence.  One Owner.
  • Business Type: Exclusive export agent
  • Status of distribution in the U.S. and/or exports to foreign markets: Currently exporting to most countries in East Asia 
Products to Offer 
  • Product name:  Butterball Turkey
  • Product specification/profile:  Frozen turkey products (product brochure is attached)
  • Country of origin: United States 
Target Korean Buyers 
  • Meat and poultry importers 

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