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Global Resources Direct (Whole Natural Almond)


Global Resources Direct
2640 W. Division Street Suite 3. Chicago, IL 60622
Contact: Tom O'Brien
Phone: 773-636-5974
Email: tom@globalresourcesdirect.com 
Web: www.globalresourcesdirect.com
Company Profile 
  • Founded in 2016.  I am co-founder with Brendan Laird
  • Food commodities - Nuts, Dried Fruit and specialty ingredients from the USA
  • Current only shipping organic spices to Korea
Product/Business to Offer 
  • Product Names: Whole Natural Almonds (I can list one product but we have many)
  • Product Specification/profile:  SSR 27/30s
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Suggested Export Price: $2.75/lb FOB CA
  • Please see attached
Any Preference for Korean Buyers or Business Partners 
  • Any importer, food manufacturers, distributors or traders 
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