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Jade Mountain Spirits LLC (Alcohol Beverage)


Jade Mountain Spirits LLC

511 W 41st Ave., Unit # H Anchorage, AK 99503

Contact: Paul Fuhs, Co-owner / Bill Borick, Co-owner

Phone: Paul 907-351-0407 / Bill 808-554-1274

Email: Paulfuhs@earthlink.net / wbobrick@gmail.com

Website : Under Construction


Company Profile:

  • Jade Mountain Spirits LLC is owned by Paul Fuhs and Bill Bobrick, Alaskan entrepreneurs and business owners with over 80 years of combined experience of doing business in Alaska
  • We export the finest, purest Alaska made beverage alcohol products made with 10,000 year old Alaska glacier water to Asia
  • We have the ability to craft customized beverages targeted to the Korean market, of any flavor, carbonated and un-carbonated
  • We are a fully Federally permitted wholesaler business (permit number AK-P-21014), with the ability to export large amounts of Alaska made vodka, gin, whiskey and RTD beverages, with full export capacity available by July 1, 2018

Business/product portfolio:

  • Product Name: Arctic Glacier Vodka, Arctic Glacier Gin
  • Product Specification/profile: 80 proof Alaska made Vodka & 80 proof Alaska made Gin (all products made with 10,000 year old Alaska Glacier Water)


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