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  • Korean Retail Food Buyers Delegation to Summer Fancy Food Show, June 24-30, 2017

    ATO Seoul brought a delegation of five Korean retail food buyers to the Summer Fancy Food Show 2017, June 25 – 27. It is notable that the delegation included buyers from three of the top Korean retail store chains: E Mart, Lotte Mart, and Seven Eleven Korea. The CSSF activity allowed the Korean buyers to generate face-to-face contacts with a large number of American suppliers of high-value processed food and beverage products on the show floor. In addition, educational fieldtrips to local food markets and food processing facilities provided during the trip expanded the buyers’ understanding about food supply chain as well as current food market trends in the United States. A follow-up survey administered right after the trip indicated that the activity would generate $2 million of potential new sales to American suppliers within the next 12 months.

  • U.S. Food Products Showcased at Seoul Food & Hotel Show 2017, KINTEX, May 16-19, 2017

    About 50 American companies and trade associations comprising the largest pavilion within the International Hall represented a wide range of products in Korea’s biggest international food and agriculture show, Seoul Food & Hotel 2017. It is clear that renewed enthusiasm for agricultural trade between the United States and Korea is due in large part to the Korea--U.S. Free Trade agreement (KORUS FTA) implemented on March 15, 2012. In its fifth year of implementation, KORUS FTA has eliminated or reduced duties on many American food products leading to U.S. exports of high-value, consumer oriented products to Korea reaching a record $3.7 billion. U.S. exhibitors represented a wide array of products including snack foods, beverage products, dairy products, organic foods, cooking oils, sauces, and desserts. About half of the exhibitors responded to ATO’s survey and they reported making many quality contacts and on-site sales of $6.1 million and a preliminary estimate of expected sales during the next 12 months totaling $31.2 million. For more information on export opportunities to our 5th largest market under KORUS FTA please visit ATO Seoul Home Page (KORUS FTA).

  • 2017 Ethanol Workshop, May 16, 2017

    On Tuesday, May 16, U.S. Embassy Seoul’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), in conjunction with the U.S. Grains Council, hosted in Seoul the 2017 Workshop and Roundtable on the Benefits of Bioethanol, a day-long series of presentations and in-depth discussions on the current economics of global ethanol production and trade, the environmental benefits of including ethanol in transportation fuel, and research updates into the latest technology related to ethanol production from grains, biomass, and agricultural and forestry waste products. Presenters from Korea and the Philippines also provided information on biofuel policy in their home countries. This year’s workshop, the 2nd annual, focused heavily on the environmental benefits of ethanol as a transportation fuel component, including benefits for water and especially urban air quality. For more information, please review the speakers’ presentations. The U.S. Grains Council published additional information about the workshop, including a similar activity held in Vietnam. Please visit USGC’s coverage of these events to learn more.

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