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MDT Services (Craft Beer)


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MDT Services

25442 Empty Saddle Dr, Laguna Hills CA 92653

Contact: Brian Murray, Founder

Phone: 949-338-8205

Email: brian@mdt-services.com

Website : www.mdt-services.com


Company Profile:

  • Founded by Brian Murray in January 2018.
  • MDT is an export trading company that works exclusively with independent award-winning craft breweries in the Southern California region.
  • Our products are distributed throughout the Western United States, and export to the EU, UK, and China

Business/product portfolio:

  • Product Name:  Barley Forge Brewing Co. and Bootlegger's Brewery
  • Product Specification/profile:  Craft beer (larger, IPA, hefeweizen, Stout, Belgian ale, pale ale, red ale)
  • Country of Origin:  USA
  • Suggest Export Prices:  $25-$55/case
  • Please see attachment for more information

Any Preference for Korean Buyers of Business Partners:

  • Looking for importers/distributors.  Ideal partner would share our passion and currently carries or specializes in craft beer.  Existing network for distribution with major hypermarket chains, department stores, liquor stores, and pubs.  Marketing plans for new products a plus (tasting events/print&social media, etc.).  Website preferred.

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