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Pear Crop Inc. (Almond/Walnut)



Pearl Crop Inc.

S1550 Industrial Drive, 95206 Stockton

Contact: Igor Malobabi, Int. Sales Manager

Phone: 209-607-3815

Email: igor.malobabic@perlcrop.com

Website : https://pearlcrop.com


Company Profile:

  • Pearl Crop, Inc. was initially formed in 2007 under the name of TurkhanNuts, a family owned walnut and almond company. In 2010, we opened our initialprocessing plant in Ripon, California at which time we changed its name toTurkhan Foods. Processing both almonds and walnuts and growing rapidly, weacquired the majority of assets and operations of Linden Nut Company located inLinden, California in early 2013. That acquisition allowed us to centralize ourwalnut processing operations in Linden, leaving Turkhan Foods dedicated toalmond processing. In 2015, we expanded our production capabilities evenfurther with the purchase of an additional facility in Stockton, California. OnJuly 1, 2015, we announced the new name of the single company which both LindenNut and Turkhan Foods merged into, becoming Pearl Crop, Inc. This mergerallowed us to streamline operations, strengthen our company and provide betterservices to our customers and growers.
  • The well-recognized brands of Turkhan Foods, Linden Nut and Health Treecontinue, even though the prior company names disappeared as legal entities.Although relatively young, Pearl Crops founder is a third generation nutprocessor with substantial international experience and global connections. Thecompanys management and processing team is also well seasoned in the foodindustry with both domestic and international expertise. Reflecting the globalnature of business, Pearl Crop is culturally diverse, representing manynationalities with multi-lingual capabilities. While global in our marketingapproach, the company has a local, small business approach to business. Thecompany is founded on the principles of Honesty, Integrity, and a motto ofEase of Doing Business in all of our dealings. We also pursue Quality,Service, and Excellence in all of our endeavours. Pearl Crop believes in itsbusiness philosophy and is proud of its success and rapid growth.
  • We export to over 45 countries and US is one of the countries

Business/product portfolio:

  • Almond Kernels
  • Almond Inshell
  • Walnut Kernels
  • Walnut Inshell
  • Almond Cold Press/Crude/Refine Oil
  • Walnut Crude/Refine Oil
  • Almond Defatted Flour
  • (Please see attachment for more informaton)

Any Preference for Korean Buyers of Business Partners:

  • As we have different products available for export we are aiming for a wide spread types or buyers (retail packers, wholesalers, industry processors like ice creams and such, consmetics and food industry for oil and flour etc, traders, etc)

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