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Aztec Spirits LLC (Spirits)


Aztech Sales Sheet.pdf
Dire Wolf Sales Sheet.pdf

Aztec Spirits LLC

Santa Fe, NM 87529

Contact: George Schurman, President

Phone: 575-751-7168

Email: george@aztecspirits.com

Website : www.aztecspirits.com


Company Profile:

  • Aztec Spirits is a craft distillery and distilled spirits processing plant.  Founded in 2014 by George Schurman (President) and Karen Lubliner, Aztec produces premium vodka and bourbon at very competitive prices.  It will be adding gin to its portfolio by summer 2018.  It has two brands: Aztec Spirits and Dire Wolf.  Aztec Spirits (and Dire Wolf) are presently being distributed in 9 states in the USA and should be in at least 4 more by the end of 2018.  Volume is not a problem as the business has a capacity of 1000+ cases per week.  Aztec/Dire Wolf bourbon also just medaled at the 2018 San Francisco Spirits Competition, the most prestigious event of its kind in the world.

Business/product portfolio:

  • Aztec Vodka (750ml, 12/case) - $44 FOB
  • Aztec Bourbon (750ml, 12/case) - $99 FOB
  • Dire Wolf Vodka (750ml, 12/case) - $44 FOB
  • Dire Wolf Bourbon (750ml, 12/case) - $99 FOB 

Any Preference for Korean Buyers of Business Partners:

  • Aztec Spirits is seeking a Koran importer/distributor with an established, professional, and aggressive sales team.  Aztec will gladly help develop a market in conjunction with a Korean customer and especially with their sales team.

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