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ATO Seoul prepares market briefs on a wide range of food, beverage, and agricultural products, as well an annual exporter guide. These reports are available through the Gain Search Page.

  • Seafood Market Brief Update 2018|Fishery Products|Seoul ATO|Korea - Republic of|9/14/2018

    Korean imports of seafood in 2017 totaled $4.98 billion, up 10.7 percent from 2016 due to rising prices and increased imports of white fish and shrimp.  Imports of American seafood increased by 2.3 percent from $227 million.  The United States remained the fifth largest exporter with a market share of 4.7 percent.  U.S. seafood is generally considered...

    Seafood Market Brief Update 2018_Seoul ATO_Korea - Republic of_9-11-2018.pdf
  • 2018|Retail Foods|Seoul ATO|Korea - Republic of|8/20/2018

    Strong consumer demand for value, quality, convenience, and diversity generates increased demand for imported agricultural products in the Korean retail sector.  The United States remains the leading supplier of consumer-oriented agricultural products to the Korean retail sector.  Korea’s imports of consumer-oriented agricultural products from the United States amounted to a record $4.3 billion in 2017.

    Retail Foods_Seoul ATO_Korea - Republic of_8-16-2018.pdf
  • Wine Market Report|Wine|Seoul ATO|Korea - Republic of|2/13/2018

    Despite the challenging economic environment, Korea’s wine imports in 2017 totaled a record high $210 million, up 10 percent from 2016.  The United States remained the fourth largest supplier of wine to Korea by shipping $25 million, up 14 percent.  While American wine faces elevated competition against...

    Wine Market Report_Seoul ATO_Korea - Republic of_2-9-2018.pdf
  • Beer Market Report|Product Brief|Seoul ATO|Korea - Republic of|2/6/2018

    The imported beer market in South Korea continues robust growth due to strong consumer demand for products of diversified taste and higher quality.  Korea’s beer imports totaled $263 million in 2017, up 45 percent from the previous year.  Imports from the United States...

    Beer Market Report_Seoul ATO_Korea - Republic of_2-2-2018.pdf
  • 2017|Exporter Guide|Seoul ATO|Korea - Republic of|11/23/2017

    South Korea’s imports of American food and agricultural products in 2017 through September totaled $6.3 billion, up 25 percent from the same period of previous year.  The United States remained the leading exporter of food and agricultural products to Korea with 25 percent....

    Exporter Guide_Seoul ATO_Korea - Republic of_11-21-2017.pdf
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